• » The school will remain closed from October, 17 to October, 19 on account of Dussehra. The school will reopen on 20th October, 2018 i.e on Saturday. - 17/10/2018 More »

  • » Dussehra will be celebrated on 16 October, 2018 in DPS Haldwani Lamachaur. - 09/10/2018 16:38:37 More »

  • » Paryatan parv will be celebrated on 28 September, 18. - 27/09/2018 15:08:27 More »

  • » School is strictly following N.C.E.R.T books. - 25/09/2018 11:01:13 More »

  • » Got honoured wtih North India Merit Award(2018-19) for "Innovative Teaching". - 25/09/2018 10:49:45 More »

Regular PTM & Information system
The PTM is a powerful force for the welfare of DPS and its students. It exists to encourage cooperation between teachers and parents by giving practical assistance at sporting, social and cultural events. It is also one of the number of useful channels of communication between the Principal, Parents and Teachers.
DPS Haldwani organized PTM after every Assessment and the child�s progress is shared with the parents. Parent Teacher Meetings (PTM) are held regularly. The parents and teachers interact to improve the faculties / skills of the students. The PTMs are planned in such a way that parents have a chance of one to one interaction with the teachers just before the terminal exams. This enables them to know about the weaknesses of their child, so that they make him/her work towards improvement in the subject required later. After the exams another meeting is held to declare the results, where parents can discuss about the progress of the child. These meetings provide a platform where the teacher is able to know about each individual child so that she can plan accordingly for better results and behavior of the child.
Latest Information system
DPs Haldwani believe in complete transparency between parents who are updated with the daily activities of the school through
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